Most important squares in Cusco

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The plazas of ancient Cusco were epicenters of political activity, used mostly as a marketplace or area for people to gather for religious customs. While Cusco has modernized, many of the plazas are still used in this way.

Cusco is a magical city full of history, tradition and surprising architecture. The traditions of the Incas prevail at every corner, although the architecture is mainly from the colonial era after the Spanish conquered the city. The exhibition of old and new is especially strong in the different squares of Cusco.

The Incas were greatly concerned with architecture and design and designed the city after the Puma, symbol of the earth. Laying out streets with intention, with plazas, aqueducts and roads was important to the Incas and is still very recognizable today. While the Spanish demolished and built most of their own buildings, the city’s layout has remained largely the same for more than 600 years.

cusco main square

Main Square of cusco

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San Francisco Square in Cusco

San Francisco Square in Cusco

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