Peru: Nazca, Ballestas, Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu (9 Days)

Service Private / Public
Max Altitude 3400msnm
Difficulty moderate
Duration 9 Days

Get ready to explore the wonders of Peru! Embark on a thrilling 9-day adventure that takes you from the mysterious Nazca Lines to the wildlife-rich Ballestas Islands. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Sacred Valley and hike the legendary Inca Trail, culminating in a magical sunrise over the magnificent Machu Picchu citadel.

Why Choose Juve Travel Perú


Our guides are, personable, flexible, adaptable, extremely knowledgeable and passionate about sharing their world with you. Travel with us and you will have the pleasure of their company throughout your trip.


We can customize any trip or tours to suit your travel, fitness, budget, and time preferences. You can add or remove days, upgrade lodging. We directly coordinate all aspect of your trip before, during, and after your trip.


At Juve Travel Peru, we practice ethical, sustainable, responsible tourism. We are strong ties to various local communities and offer good jobs with fair salaries. We source food locally and support local owned businesses.


All our employees are passionate about what they do. We appreciate the hard work that our support staff provides and we are proud to offer our staff competitive wages in Peru.


Simple the best to travel, travel in a small group averaging only 12 guests and are mix couples and friends travelling together with different ages and nationalities. For private services you can decide how many people you will bring with you.


Our meals are prepared by our chefs with quality ingredients from local farmers and we can accommodate vegetarian, gluten free, vegan or allergy diets and more

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