Moray The Mind-Boggling Inca Ruins near Cusco

Moray is indeed a fascinating archaeological site located in the Sacred Valley of Peru, not far from Cusco. It is famous for its unique and mysterious circular terraces that descend into the ground. Here’s some more information about Moray:

History: The exact purpose of Moray remains a subject of scholarly debate. While there is no written record left by the Inca civilization to explain the site’s use, it is generally believed to have served as an agricultural laboratory or an experimental farming station. The varying temperatures at different terrace levels and the design of the site are thought to have been used to test and cultivate different crops at different altitudes.

Structure: Moray consists of three main sets of circular terraces, each with multiple levels. The largest of these terraces has a diameter of about 600 feet. The terraces are constructed with stones and earth, and they form a series of concentric circles. These terraces are not only a remarkable engineering feat but also an architectural marvel.

Visiting Moray: Moray is a popular destination for tourists visiting the Sacred Valley, and it’s often included as part of a tour that also covers other nearby attractions like Maras salt mines. To visit Moray, it’s a good idea to start from Cusco, and you can either join a guided tour or hire a private guide. The best time to visit is during the dry season, which typically runs from May to September, as the weather is more predictable and the terraces are at their most beautiful.

When visiting, you can explore the various terraces and walk down to the lower levels to truly appreciate the scale and design of the site. The views of the surrounding Andes mountains are stunning, and the entire experience can be quite awe-inspiring.

In conclusion, Moray is a remarkable archaeological site with a rich history and a unique design that continues to baffle and intrigue visitors. If you’re planning a trip to Peru and the Sacred Valley, make sure to include Moray in your itinerary to witness the beauty and mystery of this extraordinary place.